Our best models are characterized
by complex combustion systems
and modern design.


Our proven models with modern design features and some added extras, too.


The models are characterized by an
optimal price-performance ratio and
2 years warranty.


CAMINOS - warmly recommend!

We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, but borrow it from our children!

The new innovation from CAMINOS: reduce the fine dust emissions of your CAMINOS stove with the new KlimaKAT. Also when retrofitted,
the new KlimaKAT reduces the fine particle emissions of your CAMINOS stove to well below the strictest specified standards. Choose the
new CAMINOS KlimaKAT: your environment will thank you for it!

With our many and diverse models we cover the entire spectrum from the inexpensive entry-level model through to the exclusive stove
clad in soapstone or tiles. Even at the development stage, our stoves are subjected to the most rigorous tests. These take into account all
national and international standards and regulations and are conducted by independent inspectors.