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KlimaKAT filter system

Patented, awarded, forward-looking
The air-sensation from the house of CAMINOS.

Promotes a cleaner environment

The new innovation from CAMINOS: reduce the fine dust emissions of your CAMINOS stove with the new KlimaKAT. Also when retrofitted, the new KlimaKAT reduces the fine dust emissions of your CAMINOS stove to well below the strictest specified standards. Choose the new CAMINOS KlimaKAT: your environment will thank you for it!

The benefits of the KlimaKAT

  • Suitable for virtually all the combustion
    chambers used in the CAMINOS stoves
  • Replaces mandatory fireplace
    components – as a result no major
    conversion work is necessary
  • Easy to install
  • Can be retrofitted

The KlimaKAT filter system ensures
optimum environ­mental relief

The new filter system in the fine dust sector on
the basis of a laboratory-scale test:

Combustion chamber

• from normal production: 108 mg/m3
• after combustion chamber optimization: 57 mg/m3
• with filter: 9 mg/m3

This represents a filter effect of almost 85 % in an optimized stove and by more than 92 % in a standard stove. The CO values were reduced by almost 50 %.

  • The tests were carried out in collaboration with the RRF, an approved and certified testing laboratory.
  • The system is patented in Europe.