Automatic combustion system

Automatic combustion system
for slow-burning stoves

Wood burning stoves with the automatic combustion system
are equipped with an automatic heat output which makes
the most efficient use of the fuel. When coal is used, these
stoves are approved as slow-burning stoves.


  1. Primary air
  2. Primary air intake control valve,
    operation from the front
  3. Secondary air
    fuel selector, operation from the front
  4. Secondary air is pre-heated
  5. Secondary air, hot combustion air
    directed into the fire chamber from above,
    air curtain to clean the glas
  6. Convection air
    the rising air in the room is heated
  7. Convection air is heated,
    then released into the room
  8. Convection air is heated,
    then released into the room

The automatic is not required to burn wood, which is
burned using the Hot-Air system. If coal is used as fuel,
then the automatic must be switched on. The control
automatically feeds the right amount of primary air for
the optimum combustion process.

All models with automatic combustion system, in contrast
to normal wood stoves, are certified sole heating and can
be fuelled using anthracite briquet size 3.

In the models with external air supply the
secondary air (4) and (5) is supplied externally.