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Statutory Regulations

The installation and operation of a wood burning stove are bound by various statutory requirements. According to the German law governing the safety of equipment (Geräte-Sicherheitsgesetz) the purchaser and operator of a fireplace is obliged to inform him/herself about its installation and operation by consulting the corresponding Instruction Manual.
The designated district chimney sweep must always be informed before a wood burning stove is installed and put into service.

Not every wood burning stove can be connected to any flue or chimney. Your chimney sweep must check as to whether the discharge pressure and the exhaust gas mass flow of the flue are compatible with the values of the wood burning stove model you would like to install. If the wood burning stove and flue are incompatible, this could lead, amongst other things, to poor combustion and cause soot to form on the panes.

In addition, the chimney sweep checks whether the stove has been installed in accordance with the building control regulations, i.e. the fire ordinance (Feuerverordnung) und whether the size of the room in which the stove is located meets the required kW output. An adequate oxygen supply must be guaranteed.

With regard to any technical data that you or your chimney sweep may need, please consult the table (Technical DataInformation materials).

Legislation and Ordinances

A fireplace brings “tamed” fire into your home. It is intended as a source of warmth at the same time
as giving you pleasure as you watch the flames dance and listen to the sound of the crackling wood.
To ensure that no hazards can occur due to a wrongly designed fireplace or improper connection
to the flue, the legislator has passed numerous laws and regulations.

As a result, among other things, the national fire ordinances (FeuVo), DIN standards, fire regulations,
the law protecting against harmful emissions, the law governing the safety of equipment as well as test regulations must be observed.

In order to be connected and operated, a wood burning stove must be tested and approved by a neutral, certified test body according to the European Standard EN 13 240. Proof of this test is provided by the CE symbol as well as the declaration of conformity which you will find in the respective instruction manual. Our wood burning stoves are distinguished by low-emission combustion at the same time as economical use of the respective fuel. As a result, they also satisfy the tightened regulations of the Emission Control Act of the Federal Republic of Germany (BimSchV) coming into force as from 2009 and retain their conformity also beyond 2025.

When purchasing a stove, it is essential to ensure that these criteria are met.