CAMINOS – we take care of our environment!

Climate change, greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions are the catchphrases of the day. Thanks to innovative combustion technology and
a high degree of efficiency you can rightly expect a modern wood burning stove to make optimum use of the fuel at the same time as being
kind to the environment. Heating wood is CO2 neutral and therefore represents an active contribution towards protecting the environment.
Our contribution towards protecting the environment is to use renewable energy sources. Numerous years of experience, patented inno-
vations and uncompromising principles in production guarantee satisfied CAMINOS customers many thousand times over.

To ensure that this satisfaction is not short-lived, we offer a fitting service for the whole of Germany and have developed cutting-edge service
packages for you with an extended guarantee period of up to four years. Only a wood burning stove that is regularly maintained can claim to guarantee ecologically sound combustion. Benefit from having your wood burning stove inspected and maintained annually by our service
engineers and rest assured that in doing so your warmest piece of furniture will retain its value for many years to come.

There are many good reasons for purchasing a CAMINOS wood burning stove. We would like to add yet another: our excellent value for
money. Share our enthusiasm and discover the variety of CAMINOS wood burning stoves.